• The Drawbacks of Using Incentives

    Handing a gift.

    Offering incentives seems like a great idea to stimulate participation in a survey. You can offer people a discount or a voucher for completing the survey. But all is not what it seems.

    Eleanor Singer in her 2002* book discovered that direct incentives encourage participation in proportion to the size of the incentive offered. Larger incentives will give larger response rates. Money is more effective than vouchers or gifts. Prize draws are less effective than ‘payments’.

    There is also a risk that incentives may result in more positive responses. Respondents are getting something for free, so it artificially increases their ...

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  • How using Suggestar Feedback can put you ahead of the competition

    With Suggestar you can go beyond basic survey reports, because Suggestar feedback programs produce a fantastic data with which to conduct applied research. Applied research is about solving practical problems. Using Suggestar data, the aim is dig deeper into customer satisfaction. When you first look at the data it may seem overwhelming, but the Suggestar report filters help you ‘slice and dice’ that data into to detailed, usable information. We will use the Ratings Report to explore how you can discover more about how your business is performing.

    The Ratings Report helps you identify your overall Suggestar Rating. You can ...

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