• Hear the Voice of your customer


    Modern companies have to think and communicate with customers, guests and diners, etc. in new ways to stay competitive in the contemporary, fast moving world. Equally, the introduction of social media and mobile devices, has led to a world that is constantly connected. Businesses need to capitalize on the Voice of the Customer or they risk losing their competitive advantage. Traditionally, companies have listened to the Voice of the Customer using comment cards, specially designed surveys, and more recently emails. However, these tactics are no longer sufficient – or in some cases even viable, as consumers expect more interactive methods, and ...

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  • A Photo is worth a thousand suggestions....

    Add a picture to your survey answers.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the guest feedback world, adding a photo around your “in the moment” feedback experience is priceless. Today, Suggestar is proud to introduce this “one of a kind” feature for all of our Gold and Enterprise accounts. Your customers will now have the ability to add a photo to each feedback experience giving you even more real time insight on your business. The “Suggestion” section of the reporting dashboard will automatically show a photo icon beside each feedback whenever a photo has been included. If you subscribe to your instant ...

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  • Comment cards vs. Simple Mobile Feedback

    Comment card and mobile survey

    Customer Feedback has evolved at an unprecedented rate over the last few years. Originally, stores, restaurants and hotels only had comment cards. They enabled customers and guests to tell a business how they felt, but also involved reading their handwriting, and being able to manually collate the data. Text information can be particularly difficult to analyze as it relies on being able to ‘code’ comments, so you can identify common issues or positive experiences. In turn, this makes it hard to use the data to improve your competitive advantage.

    With the advent of online techniques for collecting information, Customer Feedback ...

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