Survey design

Simply add your questions

Create all the questions you wish to ask your guests. Various question types to choose from:

  • Multiple choice
  • Single choice
  • Rating scales
  • Open-text
  • Photo upload

Choose the order of your questions or randomize each of them on the fly.

Build a quick, simple and easy to use survey experience so you can gather lots of responses without the need for any incentive.

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Questions design

Suggestar question

Suggestar main question

The most important question you can ask your customers.

Would you suggest my business to your friends, family or colleagues?

Respondents get the chance to answer “No, Maybe or Sure” followed by an open ended response asking your customers to elaborate further.

This way you get clear answers and we can provide a “Suggestar score which will be anywhere between -100 to +100%

Share your survey

Get responses for your locations

  • Quickly collect responses by promoting your survey link at your location or anywhere online.
  • Use QR codes and even print our posters from your dashboard.
  • For multiple locations, generate unique survey links so you can compare the performance of each location.
  • Options to link to your survey within your internal POS system.

  • Let us help you to maximize your number of respondents and gain clear insights from your customers in real-time!

Share the survey

Multiple locations, multiple users

Multiple locations management

Small, medium or large business, Suggestar matches your needs

Unlike most survey platforms, Suggestar is designed to analyze your results for each one of your locations and compare their performance in real-time.

Setup multiple users with different permissions to access all or part of your data, allowing you to create different rules based on the needs of your organization.


This is where all the magic happens

  • Review all suggestions in real-time and engage with your guests.
  • Reports allow to filter and export data to the format of your choice.
  • Keep track of the performance of each location and compare the results
  • Let the customer tell you the story by analyzing key topics and keywords.

  • We have created the most robust reporting platform that gives you the clearest insights while respecting your time.


Take action

Alert feature demonstrated

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your guests

Choose to receive instant alerts and act upon the guest experience before they leave your location.

Manage your reputation by always being connected to your customers even when you're not onsite.


Our plans

  Basic service Gold service Enterprise service
Location 1 location 1 location Multiple locations
Responses - Data trending Limited to the past 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
Additional survey questions 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Real-time reporting dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Suggestar rating Yes Yes Yes
Survey reporting Yes Yes Yes
Instant alerts Yes Yes Yes
Social media / website integration Yes Yes Yes
Feedback with photo upload No Yes Yes
Keyword/topic - Natural language analysis No Yes Yes
Survey question randomization No Yes Yes
"Multiple choice" question type No Yes Yes
Data export functionality No Yes Yes
Guest Recovery Engine No Yes Yes
User/manager assignment No Yes Yes
Multilingual survey (French and Spanish) No Yes (on demand) Yes
Advanced fraud detection No Yes (on demand) Yes
Multiple location reporting No No Yes
Geographic grouping (district, region) No No Yes
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Other features

Keyword analysis

We extract the main topics for each suggestion and deliver it to you in an easy to understand display.

We do all the complex natural language processing so that you can get a clear story.

Live dashboard

Suggestions appear and your Suggestar score will update in real-time as guests post.

The dashboard can be displayed in your locations so your staff feel more connected to the guest experience.

Guest recovery

We have created a "best in class" solution to manage your guest recovery process.

Communication tools allow you to close the feedback loop with every suggestion received.


Suggestar is available in multiple languages allowing your guests to confortably voice their opinion.

Language detection will render the survey based on your device preferences.