Our plans

  Basic service Gold service Enterprise service
Location 1 location 1 location Multiple locations
Responses - Data trending Limited to the past 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
Additional survey questions 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Real-time reporting dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Suggestar rating Yes Yes Yes
Survey reporting Yes Yes Yes
Instant alerts Yes Yes Yes
Social media / website integration Yes Yes Yes
Feedback with photo upload No Yes Yes
Keyword/topic - Natural language analysis No Yes Yes
Survey question randomization No Yes Yes
"Multiple choice" question type No Yes Yes
Data export functionality No Yes Yes
Guest Recovery Engine No Yes Yes
User/manager assignment No Yes Yes
Multilingual survey (French and Spanish) No Yes (on demand) Yes
Advanced fraud detection No Yes (on demand) Yes
Multiple location reporting No No Yes
Geographic grouping (district, region) No No Yes
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